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Auto parts

Auto parts products are divided into five categories: engine parts, chassis parts, body parts, electrical parts, general into other parts.

Engine parts: gasoline engine electronic control system, high pressure oil pump, injector, couple, piston, piston ring, piston pin, bearing, valve, rocker, rocker shaft, valve tappet, valve putter, Arm cylinder, other cylinder liner, no asbestos cylinder pad, other cylinder pad, into the exhaust pipe pad, carburetor, petrol pump, supercharger, intercooler, air filter, oil filter, Evaporator, cylinder, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, flywheel, flywheel shell , Balance shaft, oil pump, water pump, oil cooler, thermostat, other engine parts.

 Chassis components: transmission assembly, automatic hydraulic transmission, splitter assembly, power take-off assembly, gear, synchronizer ring gear, sprocket, clutch assembly, diaphragm clutch, rack and pinion steering gear, gear teeth Steering gear, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, steering wheel, Drum brake, brake drum, hand brake, vacuum booster (master), hydraulic brake master cylinder, hydraulic brake cylinder, hydraulic brake components, brake air compressor, gas brake components, anti-lock Device (ABS), constant velocity universal joint, cross shaft universal joint, drive shaft, shock absorber, oil suspension, spiral suspension spring, leaf spring, torsion bar, stabilizer bar, wheel, aluminum wheel, steel wheel , Hydraulic lift reversing device, hydraulic lifter (hydraulic cylinder), hydraulic lift pump, hydraulic lift valve, cab hydraulic reversing device, front axle assembly, rear axle assembly, rear axle spiral bevel gear, poor Speed, reducer, axle, push and pull flexible shaft, Fork, other chassis parts.

Body parts: condenser, air conditioning compressor, evaporator, heater, seat angle, seat skeleton, seat belt, airbag, car lock, electric car lock, wiper, window scrubber, after Mirror, electric rearview mirror, glass lifter, electric glass lifter, gas spring, cab, body, trunk, frame, other body parts.

High voltage damping line, light bulb, lamp, car combination instrument, high voltage damping line, light bulb, lamp, Automotive single table, sensors, instrument with a flexible shaft, combination switch, maintenance-free batteries, speakers, buzzers, and other electrical parts.

General into the other pieces: strong bolts, car fasteners, brake friction plate, clutch friction plate, powder metallurgy pieces, plastic bumper, dashboard, forming carpets, seat cushions, door panels, roof, hollow forming pipe , Steering wheel, seal, dust cover, vibration pad, brake hose, air conditioning hose, brake hose, high pressure tubing, vehicle tools, car tires, other general and other pieces.

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