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Brief introduction of shock absorber

The shock absorber (Shock Absorber; Damper) the demand is not immediately stabilized since the spring, that is to say after the spring is compressed and then let go, it will last for a period of time stretch and shrink, so the shock absorber can absorb wheel caused by uneven road encounter shock, the ride comfort.

Suspension is the first step for most people to refit the plan, and the suspension is usually started by changing a hard shock absorber. The main function of the spring is to eliminate the vibration of the row through the uneven pavement. Since there is a spring that can remove the vibration, what does the shock absorber do? The shock absorber is not used to support the weight of the body, but to suppress the shock of the rebound after the spring suction and the energy that absorbs the impact of the road. If you have a shock absorber broken car, you can experience the fallout of the car bouncing through each pothole, ups and downs, and the shock absorber is used to suppress such bounce. No shock will be unable to control the rebound spring, car encounter rugged road surface will produce serious bouncing, the corner will be because of spring under the vibration caused by the loss of the tire grip and traction. The ideal condition is to use a shock absorber to limit the spring jump at one time.


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