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Car shock absorption

Racing tires and rims is different from the racing shock absorbers available in the general road, the only drawback is the price is very expensive, a racing shock absorber often more than ten thousand yuan, which may be as long as a few hundred dollars Of the original shock absorber shock absorber really like a high price, it is understood that a set of HONDA EG6 Gr.A Mugen shock absorber used for about NT $ 80,000, while March with the NISMO competitive shock absorber Also about this price. The shock absorbers for racing cars are usually adjustable, and even the damping of the compression and rebound stroke can be individually adjusted to get the best cushioning effect, a feature that has played a role in the trial and error of setting suspension Important role. When adjusting, start with the softest mode, count the number of times it oscillates up and down (usually more than one time), slowly harden it until it swings up and down once and calm down, and confirm the settings correctly and before each match no. Racing shock absorbers are usually spherical metal bearings with rubber-coated End Bushing, which provides better damping when passing small shocks and clearer pavement response but adds Vibrations and noise from the suspension. Car shock absorbers usually have compression and tensile damping forces approaching 1: 1. In addition the car shock absorber action stroke is relatively short, the general car may have 10 inches, high-performance version may be 7 inches, the car may only 4 to 5 inches. So single for high-performance shock absorbers without changing the stroke with a short spring may not be able to get the effect


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