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How to deal with shock absorbers

1. shock absorber cylinder surface oil is not necessarily a leak, judge the damper leakage failure, but according to the shock absorber design, grade, oil leakage location and other factors to determine whether you need to replace. For a shock absorber with only slight leakage, it can not be replaced. In addition, the shock absorber will have oil seepage in normal work, which is normal. For example, for the prop damper of the front damper, the oil film is between the oil seal cover and the spring seat, and it is not needed to be replaced. However, the oil leakage to the position below the spring seat or the position of the oil below the spring bracket or the appearance of the droplet oil will need to be replaced.

2.if the shock absorber fails, it will not only affect the comfort of driving, but also affect the stability of vehicle. It will also affect the normal work of other components in suspension, and even damage its life. If the oil leakage of the damper is invalid, it must be replaced. In addition, you can judge whether it is invalid, and you can refer to the following methods:

1). When the shock absorber is invalid, the vehicle is placed at a flat place, and the body is forced to press. The body can not rebound more than 2-3 times, which is normal. The upper and lower quivers cannot be stopped very quickly, and the shock absorber is suspected to fail.

2). Shock absorber in the standing state with full hand push and pull 5 - 8 times; (inflatable shock absorber into the back should be automatically extended) to judge to push and pull feeling last 2-3: sense of shock absorber damping force normal shock absorber is normal; sense of damping force (or abnormal inflatable restraints a piston rod does not rebound), damper failure;

3. all the shock absorbers have warranty period. Different manufacturers have different regulations. If they are in the warranty period, they can be changed free of charge according to kilometers or years.

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