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Optional auto parts how to distinguish between true and false

Although the author suggested that the owners to replace or modify the auto parts to be completed in the regular 4S shop, but often due to 4S shop selling auto parts prices are high, many owners choose to buy their own, then we should open your eyes to identify the authenticity.

First, look at the trademark logo is complete. Authentic packaging quality is good, the box on the handwriting clear, overprint bright colors. Packaging, bags, should be marked with the product name, specifications model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and telephone number, and some manufacturers are still in the accessories to play their own mark. Some important components such as generators, distributors, fuel pumps, etc., are also equipped with instructions, certificates and inspectors to guide the user to use the correct maintenance.

Second, look at the geometry of any deformation. Some parts due to manufacturing, transportation, improper storage, easy to produce deformation. Inspection, the shaft parts can be rolled along the glass plate in a circle to see the parts and glass plate with or without light to determine whether to bend; to buy clutch driven plate steel plate or friction plate, the steel, friction The film in front of the observation of whether it is warped; optional oil seal, with the skeleton of the oil seal face should be round, with the flat glass without bending.

Finally, look at the surface of the parts with or without corrosion. Qualified parts of the surface, both a certain degree of precision and shiny finish, the more important parts, the higher the accuracy, the more stringent anti-corrosion packaging. Purchase should pay attention to check, if found parts have rust spots, mildew spots or rubber pieces crack, loss of elasticity, or journal surface with obvious turning lines, should be replaced.

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