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Shock absorber damping

When we compress or stretch the shock absorber at a fixed speed, the resistance is called damping. The resistance comes from that when the shock absorber moves, the piston will pressurize the damping oil to make it pass through the valve with small aperture. If we change the diameter of the valve, we can change the size of the damping. In Japan, the JASO C602 stipulates that the magnitude of the resistance at the actuating speed of 0.3m/s represents the performance of the shock absorber. We call it the damping coefficient, the unit is Kgf, and the so called hard shock absorber can produce larger resistance when actuating. When we allow the shock absorber to be compressed or stretched at a very slow speed, its resistance is only from the internal friction of the mechanism, and the damping oil produces little resistance. But when the dynamic speed increases, the increase of drag will be proportional to the square of the speed of the shock absorber. That is to say, when the working speed increases to 2 times, the resistance will increase to 4 times.

Shock resistance can be divided into two parts of compression and rebound, compression resistance and spring stiffness has an additive effect when the actuator can increase the strength of the spring, and the rebound resistance is affected by the rebound after the shock compression stroke road in the spring, this is the biggest reason for the existence of a shock absorber, which is used to resist the spring compression after the tire pressure to the ground forces, slow rebound shock and keep the vehicle stable. General road with shock absorber, shock absorbing stroke resistance is much larger than the rebound stroke, because of too much shock absorbing stroke resistance will affect the traveling comfort, damping force ratio impact on road car and rebound is about 1:3, but the 1:2~1:1.5 of the car is high, the ratio of reduced comfort, but can be improved through tracking of irregular road.


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