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Shock absorber difficult problem

The damping of the shock absorber is to convert the shock energy into heat. If the suspension produces a large movement, the relative damper will also produce considerable resistance to suppress it. This resistance comes from the piston of the shock absorber, which will push the oil through the small valve, so that it will turn the resistance into heat. Heat generated by the interior of the shock absorber will increase the temperature of the damping oil

When the oil is heated, the viscosity becomes thinner (the reaction is like the engine oil). The dilute damping oil will make the resistance to the oil valve lower and reduce the damping force, which we call "Shock Fade". In order to avoid damping decline, it can be improved by increasing the capacity of the shock absorber or increasing the damping oil. So the so-called high performance shock absorber usually has larger cylinder diameter and larger damping. Another problem of the shock absorber is the bubble problem of the damping oil. When the shock absorber moves, the piston will cause the stirring effect on the damping oil, causing the bubble of the damping oil to generate bubbles, and the bubble will cause the loss of damping. In order to combat bubbles, in addition to the use of damping oil with better quality, manufacturers often use filling of high pressure gas to reduce the formation of air bubbles, this is one of the most representative products are Bilstein, Bilstein products have a unique design, it has a "gas chamber" (Gas Chamber) resistance to bubble this is produced by high pressure water to resist your problems (like the boiling point is proportional to pressure). In addition, the chamber also has a cooling effect on the bolt, because the bolt is exposed to the air and can be cooled. The problem of oil leakage caused by poor oil seal is a major reason for the damage of the shock absorber, which is directly related to the durability of the shock absorber, so the more expensive shock absorber usually has a good oil seal.

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