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Shock Absorber Refit

In most city car sales, manufacturers will use the cheapest and most soft shock absorber, to reduce the cost and get the general driving conditions the most comfortable way of. But these shocks are not competent if they are to be used to cope with drastic driving. The modification of the shock absorber is actually a shock absorber with hard damping, better quality and full cooperation with the spring. Choosing a suitable set of shock absorbers is the most important. It is especially difficult to compromise between comfort and maneuverability. If used in a car all to operate. Don't take comfort, but it must be used in general on the road to compromise, then a group of shock absorber with adjustable damping, can improve the practicality, especially in the way of changing Taiwan, adjustable shock absorber seems to be seriously considered investment.

The hardness and compression resistance of spring said shock absorbers have additive effects in a group of springs is only one kind of performance, to change the spring hardness only replace another groups of different elastic coefficient of spring, with adjustable shock absorber can compensate for this shortcoming, with high damping is equal to adjust the road hard the adjustable shock absorber spring, after all hard than for a group of spring was much easier, even the so-called electronic adjustable shock absorber, as long as the knob in the operation of the car easy to change the damping, suspension tuning effect to set.

We should choose a good brand first, and then select the suitable specifications from the brand's series of products. A good shock absorber must have a high precision column bolt and a well sealed oil seal. High quality damping oil (high quality damping oil is the way of damping recession and bubble phenomenon), plus the chamber design with high pressure gas, of course, it is better to be adjustable. At present, domestic common brand central system of Bilstein, KONI and GAB are the mainstream Japanese good word-of-mouth to send products, the new trend is the unique brand of exclusive brands such as TOYOTA conversion kit, TRD, TOM's, HONDA Mugen, NISSAN NISMO, is a very good product.


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