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What do you do with the shock of the shock absorber ?

After determining the problem or failure of the shock absorber, check whether the shock absorber is leaking or having an old trace of oil leakage first. If oil leakage is found, the oil cylinder head nut is tightened first, and if the shock absorber is still leaking oil, the oil seal and seal washer may be damaged, and new seals should be replaced. If the oil leakage still can not be eliminated, the shock absorber rod should be pulled out. If there is a hairpin or the weight is not good enough, then we should further examine whether the clearance between the piston and the cylinder is too large, whether there is any bending of the piston rod of the shock absorber, whether there are scratches or scratches on the surface and cylinder of the piston rod.

If the shock absorber no leakage phenomenon, it should check the shock absorber connecting pin, a connecting rod, a connecting hole, such as whether there is damage to the rubber bushing, welding, crack or fall off. If the examination is normal, should be further decomposed with shock absorber, check the gap between piston and cylinder is too big, the cylinder is pulled, the valve seal is good, and the valve seat valve joint is tight, and the tension spring shock absorber is too soft or broken, take the grinding or change the way repair according to the situation.

In addition, the shock absorber will appear fault noise in actual use, this is mainly due to the collision and shock absorber plate spring and frame or shaft, pad damage or loss and shock absorber cylinder deformation caused by dust, oil shortage, should identify the reasons for repairs.


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