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Car Maintenance Method

In order to speed up the vibration of the frame and the body, to improve the ride comfort and comfort of the car, the car suspension system is usually equipped with shock absorbers, widely used in the car is a two-way cylinder shock absorber.

Shock absorber is a vulnerable part of the car during the use of the shock absorber work, will directly affect the smooth running of the car and other parts of the life, so we should make the shock absorber is often in good working condition. The following methods can be used to check the shock absorber work is good.

1. The car in the poor road conditions on the road after 10km parking, hand touch shock absorber shell, if not enough heat, indicating no resistance within the shock absorber, shock absorber does not work. At this point, you can add the appropriate lubricants, and then test, if the shell heat, the shock absorber internal lack of oil, should add enough oil otherwise, indicating shock absorber failure.

2. Press the bumper hard and then release, if the car has 2 to 3 jumps, then the shock absorber works well.

3. When the car slow driving and emergency braking, if the car vibration is more intense, indicating a shock absorber problems.

4. Remove the shock absorber to its upright, and the lower end of the connection ring clamp on the vise, forced to pull the vibration pole several times, this time there should be a stable resistance, pull up the resistance should be greater than the downward pressure Of the resistance, such as resistance to instability or no resistance, may be inside the shock absorber or valve parts damaged, should be repaired or replaced parts.

After determining that the shock absorber has problems or fails, you should first check whether the shock absorber is leaking or traces of old oil spills.

If the shock absorber does not leak the phenomenon, should check the bushing and so on whether there is damage, desoldering, rupture or fall off. If the above check is normal, you should further break down the shock absorber, check the piston and cylinder between the mating gap is too large, the cylinder with or without strain, the valve seal is good, valve and valve seat fit, Whether the extension spring of the shock device is too soft or broken, according to check the damper connection pin, connecting rod, connecting hole, rubber, the situation to take grinding or replacement of the way to repair.

In addition, the shock absorber in the actual use of the sound will appear a sound failure, which is mainly due to shock absorbers and plate springs, frame or shaft collision, damage or fall off the pad and shock absorber dust tube deformation, oil Lack of reason and other reasons, should identify the cause, be repaired.

Shock absorber in the inspection and repair should be carried out in a special test bench performance test, when the resistance frequency of 100 ± 1mm, the extension of the stroke and compression stroke resistance should be consistent with the provisions that the shock absorber is normal.

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