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Volvo's First Electric Car Will Be Listed In China In 2019

Oct. 11 news, Volvo CEO Hanken Samuelson recently accepted the Japanese media interview, said its first electric car will be produced in China, listed in 2019.

Volvo announced in July this year, after 2019 to launch all the new models for electric vehicles. Samuelson explained the reason for doing so: "Whether it is technically, or from the cost point of view, the purification of existing engine exhaust more and more difficult to announce as soon as possible to ensure that the battery and other major parts."

Samuelson also said it was also stimulated by Tesla, another consumer preferences change is also an important reason.

Volvo will be put in before 2021 5 electric vehicles, the first will use the new brand "Polestar" launched advanced technology equipped with high-end pure electric vehicles. In addition, also plans to cooperate with Geely Automobile, has achieved size advantage.

Samuelson said that by 2025, the price of electric cars will be similar to the traditional car, showing the popularity of electric vehicles full of confidence.

Traditional car manufacturers have announced their own electric car program. Daimler said that its Mercedes-Benz luxury brand plans to achieve all models by 2022 electric.

BMW launched its i3 electric car in 2013, and the company said it was preparing to produce electric vehicles on a large scale by 2020 and promised to launch 12 pure battery-powered models by 2025.

Volkswagen plans to invest $ 24 billion (20 billion euros) to develop electric vehicles by 2030. Volkswagen said that by 2025, the company will be in its many brands launched 80 new electric vehicles, far beyond the previous 30 models, and hope to launch in 2030 300 models of electric vehicles.

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